Nike Hypervenom Phantom II: Our Personal Review

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Agility and speed – the two things strikers are always looking to improve. And the right pair of soccer shoes can help you achieve this goal. The Hypervenom Phantom II by Nike has been seen on the feet of some of the best players in the sport, and its entire design is aimed at boosting acceleration and your ability to turn on a dime.

After taking these cleats for a test drive, we can confidently say that they’re worth every single penny. Don’t just take our word for it. Just take a look at some of the top players wearing these cleats.

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The Players

Figure 8: Sensational Neymar (Brazil & Barcelona)


The Hypervenom Phantom II’s most iconic player. The Brazilian-born player is a striker for FC Barcelona and the Brazil national team. Neymar won the South American Footballer of the Year in 2011 and 2012. He’s the fifth highest goal scorer for the Brazilian national team, scoring 46 goals in 70 matches.

Jordon Ibe wearing Nike Hypervenom Phantom II's

Jordon Ibe

Midfielder for Liverpool, Jordon Ibe scored his first goal with Liverpool in November 2015. The 20-year-old player was one of the first players to be spotted wearing the second generation Hypervenom.

Features at a Glance

  • Synthetic and leather upper
  • Synthetic sole
  • Dynamic fit collar slides over the ankle to create a sock-like feel
  • 3D textured upper with ACC (All Conditions Control)
  • NikeSkin technology
  • Split-toe plate
  • Agility traction pattern
  • Forefoot groove

Our Review of the Hypervenom Phantom II

We loved the Hypervenom Phantom first generation, and couldn’t wait to get our hands on the second generation. Nike did a lot to improve the design, and while you’ll find critics out there, the overwhelming majority of wearers love these shoes. Our experience was just as positive.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 - Ankle wrapper

Comfortable Fit and Feel

The Hypervenom Phantom II certainly has a unique look, and that’s part of what makes the cleats comfortable – although the comfort-level isn’t absolutely perfect (more on that soon). The dynamic fit collar sits over the ankle like a sock. The design creates a seamless feel that eliminates the discomfort of cleat edges rubbing against the sides and backs of your ankles. And it also helps make break-in time quicker.

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We do have to note that while these shoes aren’t entirely uncomfortable right off the bat, they do require a little breaking in. It took just a few games to break these in.

The Flywire in the upper also improves the fit by locking down your feet. Your feet will never slip off the plate, which is important when you’re making a game-changing play.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 - Cleat View

Responsive Contact and Traction

Sure, the Hypervenom Phantom II can push your speed and agility to the max, but these mean nothing without the perfect touch. Nike built these cleats with the NikeSkin mesh, which has varying density and works synergistically with the Flywire for responsive contact that’s second to none.

The Hypervenom II is built with a softer compound, which enhances the outsole. With a split-toe design, this shoe allows you to maximize forward acceleration while the Hyperconstruction keeps the foot close to the field for unmatched traction.

With the Hypervenom II, you can make quick cuts and accelerate down the field to make game-winning plays.

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The shape of the cleat and the stud pattern allows for a faster relief and improve response. The forefoot groove allows for amazing toe-off speed, pushing your sprints to new speeds.

  • Comfortable fit
  • Improved speed and agility
  • Attractive design
  • Excellent touch

  • Dynamic fit collar isn’t ideal

While we love the idea of the dynamic fit collar, it isn’t ideal. And you’ll see that quite a few pro players are actually cutting off the collar. On some occasions, the collar was comfortable and added to the fit of the shoe. Other days, it made the shoe uncomfortable to wear. Aside from this, the Hypervenom Phantom II is truly one of the best shoes we’ve played with in a while.

The Verdict

The NikeSkin technology and 3D textured upper allows for unbeatable control, while the split-toe plate boosts acceleration. With unrivalled traction, these cleats let you make quick cuts that enable you to make those game-changing plays.

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If you’re looking for professional-grade soccer cleats that give you unmatched touch and control, the Hypervenom Phantom II is an excellent choice.

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