The Top 4 CR7 Indoor Soccer Cleats for Kids – Best Shoes for 2021

One of most dominating players in soccer/football, Cristiano Ronaldo – began with a dream. He won award after award, including the Ballon d’Or, when he was 22 years old. The majority of his career has been spent playing with the Portugal National Team and Real Madrid. CR7 shoes for kids are durable, light, agile and well fitting, perfect for any soccer player. 

Ronaldo won the Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of the Year in 2008. His awards kept coming and he recently scored his 500th goal September 2015. 

Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Cleats for KidsRonaldo started his pro soccer career when he was 22 and now the 30-year-old is even stronger than ever before. Several records have been broken by him, including:

  • First footballer to score 40 goals in 2 consecutive seasons
  • Highest number of European competition goals (87)
  • La Liga, most hat tricks (28)
  • La Liga’s fastest player to score 200 goals

The awards go on and on. Known by the famous CR7 designation, CR has a little boy, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr who was born in 2010. His son, now five years old, is by no surprise a huge football fan.

When Cristiano Jr. plays football, you can probably guess what he wears. He’s got the CR7 cleats for kids, or brands that are branded with the iconic CR7 on them. They are definitely one of the most popular shoes out in the market as we speak. Kids that play soccer from all over the world are clamoring from these shoe designs that are incredibly durable and comfortable for products that are made for kids. It will surely help youngsters bring out the best in them when playing football. 

Here are the top Nike Cristiano Ronaldo products with side by side comparison of their designs.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Junior X FG CR7
  • Nike Mercurial Vapor Junior X FG CR7

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Nike Mercurial Junior Vapor X FG
  • Nike Mercurial Junior Vapor X FG

    Overall Rating

Nike Mercurial Victory V FG CR7
  • Nike Mercurial Victory V FG CR7

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Nike Mercurial Victory Junior V IC CR7
  • Nike Mercurial Victory Junior V IC CR7

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The 4 Best Cristiano Ronaldo Cleats for Kids
Youth Indoor Soccer Shoes

With Cristiano Ronaldo’s inevitable rise to fame, his signature shoes came along with it. Every year, Nike releases the best football cleats gear for both kids and adults. The shoe design is built in a way to make you perform at the highest level while still maintaining comfort, style, protection and a fair price. These cleats are top of the line products across the whole globe and the reason for that is because it’s Nike!

So below we have reviewed the 4 best shoes of Cristiano Ronaldo that are made for both indoor and outdoor soccer. With youth leagues getting more popular these days, it’s only proper to have the top brand creating sports gear for children. We have gone through a huge number of CR7 cleats but we could only pick 4 of them for this list.

Now, let’s take a closer look at these signature Cristiano Ronaldo cleats for kids:

1. Nike Mercurial Vapor Junior X FG CR7

Nike Vapor Junior

The Vapor Junior X FG CR7 is a top-performing Nike shoe. This higher-end model is very similar to the V Junior FG CR7 shown below. The primary difference between them is that this soccer cleat for kids is specifically designer for elite Junior players, carries the CR7 branding, performance benefits and fits youth sized 4Y-6Y. This pair of Cristiano Ronaldo shoes for kids is sure to make their game jump up to a new level. Its comfortable design is unmatched.

Cristiano Ronaldo was born on the volcanic island of Madeira, the island symbolized on these football cleats for kids, and these boys football shoes are for firm ground football and explosive attacks. This product is definitely at the top of our list, from quality all the way to the price and design. It’s definitely a must have for little aspirants in the world of football. There is nothing like the Nike Mercurial Vapor Junior X FG CR7!

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The upper on these youth football cleats features microfiber leather and the fit is natural and comfortable on the football players foot. Other features include:

  • Better grip of the ball with the micro textured upper
  • Perforated and contour sock liner for added cushioning.
  • Nylon chassis that directs energy straight to the studs for improved response.
  • Studs designed specifically for firm ground and short grass.

This youth soccer cleats is designed specially for juniors and should be the only choice you seriously consider. 


2. Nike Mercurial Junior Vapor X FG 

Nike Junior Vapor X

Following in the footsteps of the Vapor X FG CR7, these kids soccer cleats are stylish, synthetic and also designed for firm natural ground and short grass. The Vapor X FG is cheaper, not including all of the higher-end features of the CR7, but it’s a really great outdoor cleat for youth feet sized 4Y and 5Y. The design of this cleat is out of this world and comes in two colors:

  • Squadron blue
  • Fire red

Theses FG’s are the most stylish Junior kids soccer cleats on the market today. Does style score goals? No. But if your kids love wearing them, then their self-esteem improves and they perform better. These kids cleats have man-made soles, and the shoes feature synthetic leather material which is very durable. The Nike Mercurial Junior Vapor X FG is made for extreme movements and top notch competition. With the overwhelming quality and design, these kid’s CR7 cleats are just a pleasure to wear on the field. 

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These youth soccer cleats are made in 4Y and 5Y sizes, they’re lightweight and include:

  • Lightweight teijin is used for the upper soles for optimal control on the field.
  • A sock liner on the midsole with low-profile cushioning.
  • The heel has twin steed studs for improved stability. The outsole uses 2 layer fiberglass composite and TPU studs which are great for sprints.

The Vapor X FG is an excellent high-end outdoor youth cleat which is comfortable and offers great traction. We follow a similar review in our article The 4 Best Cristiano Ronaldo Cleats for Kids.


3. Nike Mercurial Victory V FG

Nike Victory V

The Victory V FG CR7 includes the CR7 branding and is meant for kids with feet sizes ranging from 10 (Child) to 6 (Youth). The Victory V is the other high-end model matching the Vapor X and is well suited for natural ground and firm short grass. With its design specializing in these conditions, you’re definitely on the advantage when you’re using Nike Mercurial Victory V FG CR7. There is nothing better than a perfect grip when you’re playing soccer. Take your game to the next level!

These football cleats feature:

  • Hand crafted
  • Micro texture with internal cage and trophy touch.
  • Extra comfort with the contoured sock liner.
  • Full-length TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) outsole. 

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Crimson on the front and a midnight black color, these cleats will give your child the edge on the field with it’s light-weight and superb handling. The detail of the shoe design is definitely world class just like Cristiano Ronaldo. So, if you’re looking for quality cleats that has design, comfort, protection and selling for a good price then this pair should be at the top of your list of things to buy this Christmas for your kid. 

Although the design is a bit simpler than the other ones on this list, kids still love the overall look of the footgear.


4. Nike Mercurial Victory Junior V IC CR7

Nike Junior V Indoor Cleat

Finishing up our review, we highly recommend the Victory V IC CR7 cleats for kids. Unlike the previous models, this shoe is specifically engineered for indoor soccer, so not a cleat exactly, but they’re still in the category. Instead of cleats, Nike has created an incredibly grippy tread of rubber on the bottom which prevent slips and marks on the indoor gyms. 

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The Victory V IC CR7 are made in the following sizes: 10 child – 6 youth.

You’ll recognize the volcano graphics and Nike logo on these Victory’s which matches the CR7 branding on the high-end Vapor outdoor soccer cleats. The shoe features tough synthetic and leather materials along with a rubber sole that’s study and non-marking – a requirement of indoor soccer. 

The player’s foot is kept in place by the internal cage lock while also providing a lot of comfort to the player. The sock liner has a textile top cloth for added cushioning while playing on the midsole. 

The non-skidding, non-marking rubber on the outsole runs the full length of the shoe and holds a grip to the floor.

The Victory V IC CR7 is the only shoe I would recommend for kids indoor soccer use and domination.




Bottom Line

So, there you have it.. the top Cristiano Ronaldo sneakers from Nike. It was a highly demanded topic for quite some time now, that is why we have decided to just do it. We have compiled the most popular as well as the best designed pair of CR7 shoes for kids to bring out the best in your game. And, if you want to know more about the top soccer shoes that are on sale, then go to this page.

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