The Best Fullback Football Cleats We’ve Chosen for 2021

The fullback position is one of the two running back positions along with the halfback in American and Canadian football. The fullback’s job is positioned “back” behind the quarterback and performs offensive blocking and line jabs. Let’s review the position and then we’ll show you the best fullback cleats.

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In the modern NFL, fullbacks are not usually deployed as ball carriers but are mostly used as a lead blocker to allow smaller, quicker backs to get to the secondary of the opposing team’s defence. In the early 2000s, many NFL teams used blocking fullbacks, such as Tony Richardson and Lorenzo Neal, with great success. These backs cleared the way for some of the decade’s great running backs. Recently, some teams have actually phased-out fullbacks altogether in favor of two tight end sets.

i formation

2 offensive, 2 guards, a center, quarterback behind the center, the fullback and the halfback directly behind the quarterback. The formation begins with the usual 5 offensive linemen (2 offensive tackles, 2 guards, and a center), the quarterback under center, and two backs in-line behind the quarterback. The base variant adds a tight end to one side of the line and two wide receivers, one at each end of the line.

Player Size and Weight

Typically, fullbacks are larger in size than halfbacks and in most offensive schemes their duties are split between power running and blocking for both the quarterback and the other running back. Fullback athletes are typically around 5’10” and weigh 100kg (220 lbs).

Famous Fullback Football Players:

Jim Brown
Played 1957-1965


Jim Brown Photo

Jim Brown

John Riggins
Played 1971-1984


John Riggins Photo

John Riggins

Larry Czonka
Played 1968-1979


Larry Csonka wore the best fullback cleats on his time.

Larry Czonka

Training and Workout Shoes – Here’s your Triple Option!

When you’re training and working out, you’re not going to need your cleats. Put them back in the locker and get out a pair of training shoes. Here’s our recommended top 3 training shoes picks for Football Fullbacks:

Top Pick: Under Armour Men’s ‘Micro G Strive V’ Running Shoe


These shoes feature Micro G (heel) cushioning, a full-length 3D Foam sock liner (insole) and has a non-marking outsole so you can use it anywhere in the gym and on the courts. The upper mesh adds breathability and has the proper support added where you need it. The Strive’s are very durable and comfortable.


Fitting Tips: These shoes are best for wider feet. If you need a narrower shoe, check out the New Balance Minimus below.

Runner Up: >New Balance Men’s MX20BG4 Minimus Cross Training and Weight Lifting Shoe


The Minimus is a great looking mid height shoe and very popular. It’s really a good contender for top place for the best fullback cleats and is a better shoe if you’re looking for more ankle support and better foot width fitting.


Fitting Tips: There are reports that these shoes are better for wider feet, I think it’s from the larger toe area. Always check the fitting guide when buying shoes.

Budget: New Balance Men’s MX623v2 Cross-Training Shoe


For those on a tighter budget, it’s probably best you avoid the Minimus listed above. It’s by far the most expensive in this review. The New Balance MC623v2 is extremely popular and highly rated. It’s also very affordable. You really can’t go wrong buying this shoe for your cross-training. Consider spending more on your cleats instead.


Fitting Tips: These fit pretty much as expected.

What are the Best Fullback Cleats?

Top pick: Under Armour Men’s UA Saber Mid D Football Cleats


These mid cut cleats have an engineered synthetic upper and a die-cut 3D Foam footbed that moulds to your foot to lock you in while providing comfort. They have been created by Under Armour, a company with a solid reputation for high-quality performance footwear and clothing. The 7 plastic cleats that come with the shoe are replaceable, so you might want to consider getting some metal ones after you put some heavy wear into these ones, depending on what your regulations allow.Right out of the box, you’ll find these cleats are light (12.9 oz), fast and have excellent grip on wet or dry conditions.

Great product, great price and that’s why the Under Armour Men’s UA Saber Mid D Football Cleats are our top pick for the best cleats for Fullbacks.


Fitting Note: Under Armour cleats tend to fit half a size small so try going up half-a-size. They also run a bit narrow, so keep that in mind when choosing the right fit.

Runner Up: Nike Men’s Lunar Code Pro Mid Football Cleats


Nike has made an excellent product here, providing a mid cut cleat with 7 detachable cleats and a little more foot width than the Sabers. The cleats have a very comfortable and supportive footbed and they’re very durable. It seems like everyone who buys these, keeps buying them over and over – not so much because they wear out fast but because they’re so reliable.Really you can’t go wrong with the UA Sabers or these Nike Lunars. The width fit is probably the most important consideration here between them and then it comes down to a preference over the manufacturer and price. The Nike’s have a wide fit. Make sure you check the fitting guide.


Fitting Note: These cleats fit wide feet really well. The size is spot on to what you expect it to be.

Budget: Under Armour Men’s UA Crusher Mid Football Cleat

OK so you’re looking for something that’s not going to break the bank. That means you also want something that will last as long as possible. No problem! Under Armour created the Crusher cleats as a budget friendly offering with the reputation of a great manufacturer. The treads/cleats are all one piece (not replaceable) and offer excellent traction. They’re a little heavier than the more expensive cleats but they’re very durable.


Fitting Note: These fit small. Try going up a full or half size. Also, they fit fit narrow feet better.



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