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This year, Adidas provided the Conext15 for the finals in Vancouver, Canada at the Women’s World Cup Final. The Conext15 was born from the Brazuca, taking much of the technical advantages with it and includes reduced water absorption and increased flight speed. It features a new color scheme designed after the elements of our world such as earth, fire and wind.

1930 World Cup Final Ball

The first 1930 FIFA World Cup soccer gear actually looked more like today’s volleyballs. They were supplied by Argentina and Uruguay and were called the ‘T-Model’, meaning the pattern that they were stitched together was the shape of a T. These products featured big stitches like an American Football and were quite bumpy. The very first official soccer equipment was made by Charles Goodyear in 1855 and made of rubber, however Mesoamericans are credited with using rubber to create products back in the 1600’s.

Fast forward to 2015 and you’ll find the latest and greatest product that technology can create, the Adidas Conext15. Adidas has created the best soccer ball and provided that soccer ball to the FIFA World Cup since 1070 when it created the Telstar. This original product was the first to have the charismatic truncated icosahedron black and white pattern that continues to be popular in amateur leagues.The Adidas Brazuca, appropriately translated as ‘Brazil’, was the official FIFA cup match ball in Brazil.

adidas Conext15 FIFA Women's World Cup Official Match Soccer Ball

adidas Conext15 FIFA Women’s World Cup Official Match Soccer Ball

Conext15 - the best soccer ball for 2015

Covering the surface of the ball you’ll find hundreds of thousands of little bumps which offer more grip and control without increasing the drag.

The Conext15 is built using six interlocking panels, reducing wind drag, which are thermally bonded to each other. This design pattern maintains a straight path when sailing through the air, a big improvement over the dated Jabulani ball from 2010.

When looking for a soccer ball (or lots of them) the first thing you’ll need to decide on is are you buying the product(s) for match play, training or are you looking for specialty products? Let’s look at all the options.

Soccer Ball Sizing

Soccer Ball Size Comparison

Soccer Ball Size Comparison

  • Size 3 balls are for kids up to 8 years old. They have a 23-24 inch circumference and weight about 11 ounces.
  • Size 4 balls are for 8-12 year olds. The products have a 25-26 inch circumference and weigh about 12 ounces.
  • Size 5 balls are for adults, 12 years or older. The products have a 27-28 inch circumference and weigh 14-16 ounces.

Official FIFA Ball requirements are that the product must be round (seriously?!), leather or comparable, 27-28 inches in circumference, 14-16 oz, 8.5-15.6 lbs/sq inch.

Be Cautious of Replica’s

Real versus Replica Comparison

Real versus Replica Comparison

When shopping for high-end balls, watch out for the replica versions. These copies look almost the same as the official match balls but there are some very important differences. For example, you can buy a replica Conext15 from Adidas directly which is missing the grip texture that normally covers the entire product. In fact, you’re missing out on most of the advantages of the real-thing. Check out the comparison image above and see if you can spot the differences.

Best Soccer Match Ball

#1 – Adidas Conext15FIFA World Cup Official Match Soccer Ball

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Match balls are made of the latest and greatest materials available. They’re FIFA approved and used in all match games. Match balls have a shorter life-span than say, training gear, so they’re often kept only for match play. These products have between 4-5 layers of lining in their construction.

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The Conext15 is the best soccer ball for match games on the market and the Official Match Ball for FIFA World Cups. It will maintain this lead until Adidas comes out with their next FIFA World Cup official soccer ball. This product comes in sizes 4 and 5.

*New* – Adidas miCoach Smart Ball

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Adidas has taken a huge leap in soccer technology, the adidas miCoach Smart Ball has integrated sensors that provide feedback to your iOS or Android mobile device using Bluetooth. This feedback includes speed, spin, strike and flight path which instantly relayx to the miCoach app on your mobile device. The app provides feedback on power, spin strike and trajectory and includes a library of videos, drills and coaching tips to help improve your handling and touch.

adidas miCoach Smart Ball Inside view

adidas miCoach Smart Ball Inside view

miCoach App

miCoach App

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Can you feel the difference? Nope. This product has the same weight and size as regulation size 5 balls and has thermal bonded panels just like the Conext15. You won’t notice any difference in the product, but it will make a huge difference in how well you handle the ball after providing feedback. Grab one of these for the team and let everyone see the feedback. The battery lasts about 2,000 kicks and takes an hour to charge.

Best Recreational and Training Soccer Ball

The training gear are also high-quality, but they’re more durable and have a longer life than regular soccer equipment. They have fewer lining layers, up to 4 and they’re meant to be used and abused constantly and in a variety of conditions. This is where you want to invest your team training budget if you’re looking for a pack of equipment for the team for training. Save a few bucks for a couple of match balls and you’re ready to play!

Specialty Balls

Indoor Soccer Balls can have a felt type of materials on the outside, similar to tennis equipment and are more effective indoors.
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Futsal Soccer Balls are filled with a type of foam, making the equipment heavier and less bouncy which is better on very hard playing surfaces.
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Best Soccer Ball for Beginners

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If you’re looking for a beginner equipment, try out the Nike Aerow Team Soccer Ball. It’s a simple product, cheaper than the Adidas and still reliable. You won’t see it at the world cup or any big matches, but you’ll likely see it at your local school soccer field.

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