Under Armour UA Spine Brawler Mid MC | Product Review 2021

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Under Armour cleats have transformed how linemen perform on the field. Made with the highest quality materials, Under Armour’s UA Spine Brawler Mid MC are one of the game’s best football boots.

Perfect for D-Linemen and O-Linemen, the UA Spine Brawler can be found on the feet of some of the game’s most notable names:

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The Anatomy of the UA Spine Brawler Mid MC

Available in sizes 8 – 12 with a lot of half sizes, these are one of the best football boosts I’ve ever tried, and the fit has a 92% accuracy for all-game comfort. Made to feel like a “second skin,” these shoes are one of the best I’ve ever played in.

And I wanted to dig deeper to find out what makes these cleats superior.

UA ClutchFit

The patented design of ClutchFit allows the cleat to mold to your ankle when you’re moving. If you’ve ever played with rigged cleats before, you know that they have a tendency to be stiff and rigid, which limits ankle mobility.

ClutchFit acts as a “second skin.”

What does this mean? During wear, the boot will mold to your ankle to provide better support while also allowing for explosive movements to make the highlight reel.

UA ClutchFit™ in the heel
UA Spline and Power Clamp

Protection Where You Need It Most

The UA Power Clamp in Under Armour cleats allows you to enjoy even more ankle support. The clamp locks the ankle in place, allowing you to make power movements, yet it provides you with the mobility to get in a 3-point stance.

Heading to the top of the cleat, there is a 3D-molded tongue.

Durable and strong, the tongue adds protection to the top of your foot while also being lightweight for the perfect protection and functionality balance.

4D and UA Spine

There are a lot of “high tech” names given, but it’s what makes this one of the best linemen shoes in the game. Starting with the UA Spine, the boot has a responsive cushioning that allows for support, lightweight and responsive movements.

The 4D foam further locks the ankle in place, allowing for full range of motion while adding much-needed support for a better feel and lower risk of injury.

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It’s All in the Fit

When putting these cleats on for the first time, they were a bit snug – you need to break them in. But after practice, I barely felt them on my feet. As linesmen, we don’t get all that much credit or recognition during a game.

And most cleats simply do not play off of our strengths.

Wearing football boots designed for another position is fine, but it’s not optimal. Let’s be honest, every position plays the game differently based off on their team’s needs. And you’ll notice an immediate impact upon lacing up for the first time.

When wearing these cleats, I immediately noticed:

  • Traction that was unmatched.
  • Ankle support that adds a whole new level of safety.
  • A fit that finally doesn’t hinder my performance.

After hitting a three-point stance, I was able to fire out of it with insane speed; unmatched speed in comparison to all my years of play.

There’s a lot to love about this cleat, and it’s definitely one of the best I have ever tried. A lot of this boot’s strong points have been mentioned before, but they’re worth mentioning again.

  • Traction levels are unmatched, allowing for quick reaction time.
  • Comfort levels far outperform the competition.
  • Ankle support is top-notch thanks to the 3D and 4D foam design.

Did I love everything about these Under Armour cleats?



  • The cleats are not replaceable, so if a cleat breaks, you need to buy a new shoe,
  • The cleat and shoe separate for some users – not fun.

The sole separation issue is something I haven’t personally experienced. It is likely a defective boot, and Under Armour is known to replace any defective items with a no-hassle approach.

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For me, it’s always worth the risk for a cleat that truly is made for your position.

The speed and responsiveness I am able to command on the field has improved my game tenfold. And these cleats made all the difference. For perfect in-game performance, these are the cleats you need. Period.

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