Why Nike Chose Cristiano Ronaldo to Represent Them

Cristiano Ronaldo is potentially the most renowned name in current football. Praised the world over for his skills on the field, Ronaldo has become a household brand of his own over the past decade. World-class brands have fought to have him represent them, paying astounding sums for his endorsement. Many have questioned whether the superstar did deserve the recognition and lucrative deals he was getting. Nike, however, seemed adamant he was worth every penny.

Why Cristiano Ronaldo

As the most famous sports brand currently on the market, Nike is under constant pressure to have bigger, better, more successful ambassadors. After sports icons like Roger Federer, Andre Agassi, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, Nike felt like the Portuguese footballer would be the perfect match for their new campaigns.

So, when Nike signed the biggest superstar that football has ever seen they knew that their CR7 football shoes will sell really well on the market.

Cristiano has an incredibly large fan base, with his 45.2 million Twitter followers, the reported 450 million fans worldwide his team has to date and his long-standing appeal to the fashion world. Nike representatives have expressed seeking a sports icon that could catapult them to audiences and target customers they had no access to before. Cristiano’s linguistic and cultural ties to the Latin world are guaranteed to bring the brand to the forefront of South European and American television.

Who He Won The Title Over

ronaldo holding awardHis long-running Ballon d’Or rival, Lionel Messi, was also reported to have been considered as the brand’s new ambassador. The Brazillian Neymar Junior was also known to be in the race. However, Ronaldo won the $21.7 million a year contract by a clear advance.

Sports commentators and journalists claim that the major difference between him and his opponent was his glamor appeal to the younger generations, rather than his talent on the field. Ronaldo had greater popularity among fashion brands such as Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein; he may well be more experienced and proficient at endorsing a clothing line than his competitors.

Why CR7 is a Star Off The Field

Cristiano’s stardom has transcended from sportsmanship to global idol. His appeal goes way beyond his fans’ interests in his games, to that of business moguls and enamored female followers. The Ronaldo brand may be somewhat reliant on his top spot in several publications’ ranking of the most attractive men alive’, which has struck a chord with the ladies, and the younger people that idolize him for that reason. His charisma has made millions want to emulate his style, from his sportswear to his casual or even event wear. Using this magnetic appeal to further the sales of the world’s biggest sportswear corporation only seemed logical.

young cr7What Nike Will Gain

Nike is hoping their sales will reflect the excitement of many over their new signing. His popularity among younger people of all demographics should widen their market reach and result in more dominance of the brand amongst other sportswear providers. Ronaldo is reported to have behaved as an ideal endorser in his past deals, holding up to his end of his contract and never being associated to unflattering controversies. This will most likely result in a productive partnership which eventually, Nike deems to produce a greater sales revenue.

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