Why do Nike’s Cristiano Ronaldo Shoes Market so Well to Kids

Don’t be surprised if your son or daughter begs you for a pair of Nike CR7 soccer shoes. If you don’t understand the hype around the Nike CR7 cleats, continue reading to discover why children all over the world are dying to get their hands on a pair.

cristiano-ronaldo-kicking-the-ballWhy does the Nike CR7 soccer shoes appeal to kids?

The Nike CR7 cleats were launched as a part of Nike’s most recent collaboration with soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo. A smart decision by the Nike marketing executives as thousands of young boys and girls, who follow football, idolize Ronaldo as a living legend. So it’s no surprise that kids the world over would beg their parents for a pair of CR7 soccer cleats, in the hope that they’ll grow up to be the next Ronaldo.

Who is Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most recognizable soccer players in the world. As well as leading his home nation of Portugal to win the recent 2016 UEFA European Championship, Ronaldo has also played for a string of high-profile soccer teams. Modern examples of which include Manchester United who play in the English Premiership and Real Madrid, the latter of which is one of the most successful Spanish teams.

Perhaps one reason why Cristiano Ronaldo, is such a hit with budding soccer stars is that he’s relatively young. Ronaldo has just turned 30 and is the prime of his football career. As Ronaldo is in the prime of his career, thousands of kids around the world, look up to him. The only other current football player who is as recognizable as Cristiano Ronaldo is Argentina’s Lionel Messi.

cr7-playing-in-the-fieldHow did Nike’s marketers use Cristiano Ronaldo’s fan base to market Nike shoes to kids?

First of all, as part of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Nike sponsorship, Ronaldo wears to CR7 shoes during his high-profile soccer matches. In fact, Ronaldo debuted the cr7 boots to millions of fans, around the world during a Real Madrid home game.

Are there any other reasons why the Nike CR7 cleats are so popular amongst youngsters?

The CR7 shoes feature a shimmery finish, which is bound to catch the attention of kids who want to impress their friends with brand new, eye-catching shoes. Ronaldo himself was quoted as saying “These new cleats are suited to me because they’re elegant, beautiful and they shine in a new and different way.” Just like their hero Ronaldo, most kids want to turn up to soccer training in boots that stand out from the crowd and make them feel like a superstar.

Another reason why the Nike CR7 cleats have grown in popularity is that kids nationwide may have followed the recent soccer tournament at the 2016 Rio Olympics. As the Olympics have increased soccer’s profile as a sport, more children may want to purchase their soccer cleats. Especially after seeing Ronaldo play for Portugal in his flash, Nike shoes.

Are the Cristiano Ronaldo inspired Nike CR7 shoes popular amongst older players?

Yes, Nike soccer boots are some of the most popular football cleats in the world, and the CR7 cleats are no expectation. Especially since Cristiano Ronaldo endorses them.

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